Advantages of Living and Retiring in Belize

More and more people are living and retiring to Belize, taking advantage of the affordable cost of living, friendly people, gorgeous weather, and affordable real estate prices. With prices far lower than other popular destinations like Costa Rica, Belize is an ideal mix of modern conveniences and a laid-back Caribbean lifestyle.

Below are a few advantages of living and retiring in Belize:

Residency That’s Ultra User Friendly And Super Flexible

Belize offers foreigners the opportunity to own property and gain permanent residency status with very attractive incentives like the Qualified Retired Persons (QRP) program that allows qualifying individuals to import personal goods and vehicles tax-free while only requiring a minimum stay of 30 days per year.

No Translation Required!

Belize is very unique in that it is the only country in Central America where English is the official language. This doesn’t just come in handy when talking to neighbors or reading menus, but is invaluable when reading and understanding deeds, contracts, and other official documents.

The Sustainable Life

Belize’s prime attraction is its unspoiled nature. More than a third of the country is set aside as nature reserves or national parks, and Belizeans are dedicated to sustainable, green-friendly development.

One Of The World’s Most User-Friendly Jurisdictions

In Belize, it often seems like everyone knows everyone. Politicians aren’t rich elites living an ivory tower life in the capital but regular folks that intermingle with their constituents.

Your Own Piece Of Belize For As Little As $25,000

Cerros Sands, a master-planned gated community in Belize’s Corozal District, has beachfront lots available starting as low as $25,000. Cerros Sands also has completed homes, seaview lots, and lots with deep water channel access at very competitive prices.

In Belize, Both You And Your Assets Are Safe

Belize has a largely rural population of approximately 355,000 people spread out across a country the same size as Massachusetts (population = 7 million).

The laws of Belize are strongly in favor of protecting property, and the country has a stable and prosperous democratic government.

Entrepreneurs Most Welcome

Belize has a long tradition of welcoming foreign direct investment. Non-citizens can open bank accounts at Belizean branches, and the law allows for a wide range of foreign-owned business activities.

How Do You Determine if Belize is Right for You?

If you can imagine year-round balmy temperatures, plenty of exciting and rewarding outdoor activities, a friendly and laid-back environment, an abundance of fresh and healthy food, delightful properties set in pristine natural settings, and an affordable cost of living, then living or retiring in Belize might be right for you.

Cerros Sands

Cerros Sands is a master-planned gated community located in the scenic Corozal District of northern Belize just across the water from Ambergris Caye and 10 miles from the border with Mexico. Located on the historic Cerros Maya Peninsula facing directly into a wonderful sea breeze, Cerros Sands has completed homes for sale as well as attractive beachfront parcels, seaview parcels, and channel parcels with access to deep water channels that lead to Chetumal Bay and the Caribbean. Financing is also available.

Contact Cerros Sands today for more information on how to live, retire and invest in Belize.

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