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Tired of rising housing prices, underpaying jobs, traffic jams, and shivering through yet another long winter? The perfect antidote to modern life in Colorado is found in the tiny nation of Belize.

Recently, the Denver Post asked its readers who have left the state to share the reasons why they left. A combination of poor job opportunities, rising costs, and overcrowding were the common themes, no surprise to anyone who has lived in the state during the past decade.

Belize is located just a four-hour flight from Denver, but it feels like it is a world away. The only English-speaking country in Central America, Belize is a far different place than Colorado. There isn’t a single traffic light in the whole country, and you’re more likely to see a giant iguana crossing the road than a car. And forget about traffic jams and crowded cities as Belize is almost entirely a rural nation.

One of the most popular destinations for expats from Colorado is Cerros Sands, a true “community in the country” located on the coast of northern Belize. Designed from the ground up to be a “green” community that is entirely powered by sustainable forms of energy, Cerros Sands is the perfect mix of modern comfort and a laid-back Caribbean lifestyle.

At Cerros Sands, nature is everywhere, ranging from gorgeous views of Chetumal Bay to conservation areas where more than 550 different species of birds have been recorded. And in Belize, it never snows or gets cold, allowing residents to get outside and enjoy sunshine and fresh air 365 days a year. Indeed, many newcomers to Cerros Sands report feeling like they’ve gained a new lease on life as abundant sunshine, lots of greenery, and pure air does wonders for their body, soul, and mind.

Scientists have proven what everyone already knows, that human beings are much happier and healthier when they live close to nature. People have lower rates of heart disease, lower rates of cholesterol, sleep better at night, feel more cheerful, and are overall far healthier when they spend at least an hour outdoors every day. Add in the fact that Belize is home to an incredible abundance of fresh-caught seafood, organic produce, and other healthy food, and it’s easy to see why transplanted Coloradans are so happy living in this country.

If you’d like to learn more about living in Belize, contact Cerros Sands today.

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