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The popular MSN Lifestyle site recently published an article focusing on the key travel trend of visiting Latin America in 2017, highlighting the wonders of Belize as a great place for travelers looking for a walk “on the wild side”.

The MSN article noted that the active archeological excavation of Xunantunich, an ancient Maya ruin, is a popular destination, noting that the site offers breathtaking views and a chance to witness important historical artifacts being uncovered at the largest Maya royal tomb ever discovered. The article also noted that the Belize Zoo is a must-visit location as a great introduction to the wildlife in the country. Functioning as a rescue shelter, all of the animals at the Belize Zoo are rehabilitated, orphaned, or rescued, offering visitors a chance to see native animals like pumas, jaguars, tapirs, and margays up close and personal.

Naturally, the MSN article focused on the world-class scuba diving and snorkeling destinations in Belize, including the Great Blue Hole. A naturally-occurring phenomenon that resulted from a series of caves being flooded at the end of the last Ice Age, the Great Blue hole was rated as one of the Top 10 scuba diving sites in the world by famed French naval officer and marine biologist Jacques Cousteau. The MSN article also described other popular attractions in Belize, including exploring underground caves once used by Maya priests for solemn rituals, the delicious food, and the colorful local markets where fresh, organic food, souvenirs, art, and even homemade medicine are sold.

With an abundance of lush nature teeming with wildlife, gorgeous panoramas, and hundreds of tropical islands, it’s no surprise that many visitors to Belize are enticed into moving to the country. Areas of Belize like Corozal District, conveniently located close to all of the main attractions in the country as well as easy access to health care facilities, low-cost retailers like Wal-Mart, and the resort of Cancun just over the border in Mexico.

Located right on the beautiful Bay of Chetumal across from Ambergris Caye, the master-planned, gated community of Cerros Sands is a great destination for expats and retirees. With completed homes, beachfront lots, seaview lots, and lots with deep water access starting as low as $29,000, Cerros Sands offers expats and retirees modern conveniences in a lush natural setting. With affordable flights available from both the nearby airports in Cancun and Belize City, residents of Cerros Sands are never more than a few hours from North America, ideal for maintaining business, personal, and health care connections while still enjoying all of the benefits of living in Belize.

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