New North America-Belize Flights Announced

New Flights to Belize

One of the primary factors driving the recent boom in real estate in Belize is the growing number of airlines offering non-stop flights to the country from the United States, Canada, and destinations in Central America. Whether you’re flying into Belize for business or pleasure, the growing demand for affordable, non-stop routes has made it easier than ever to vacation  and invest in Belize.

For Americans, top airlines like American, Delta, United, and Southwest offer non-stop flights from major cities across the United States. Southwest entered the USA-Belize market in 2015 with a direct flight from Houston. On March 11, 2017, Southwest began flying non-stop to Belize from Denver and will add a third non-stop route to Belize from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, beginning on June 4, 2017. Other cities in the United States with non-stop flights to Belize include: Charlotte (NC), Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami, and Newark, New Jersey.

For Canadians, WestJet is currently operating a non-stop route from Toronto to Belize. The Belizean Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation, Manuel Heredia Jr., recently announced that his government is in talks with WestJet to add a second route from Calgary. There are also ongoing discussions with JetBlue and the Canadian Transportation Agency to add new non-stop routes from Canada to Belize.

Belize also has direct air connections to several cities in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Panama on airlines like TACA and Tropic Air.

Belize has consistently reported increases in the number of overnight visitors in the country. In 2012, less than 850,000 people visited the country but this figure has nearly doubled as almost 1.2 million visitors arrived in Belize during 2016. In addition, many visitors to Belize arrive at the Cancun airport just over the border in Mexico which handled more than 21 million passengers in 2016.

Whether it is due to the short flying time (between 2-7 hours from the United States), the attractive weather, the pristine beauty of the country, or the fact that Belize is the only English-speaking country in the region, the increase in tourism numbers is having a knock-on effect on property prices. The Belizean government has very generous residency programs that allow qualifying individuals over age 45 to import household items (including personal vehicles) completely tax-free.

Cerros Sands

Cerros Sands is a master-planned, gated community located in Belize‘s northern Corozal District and is beautifully situated on the Cerros Peninsula fronting the Chetumal Bay, a pristine body of water ideal for swimming and sailing.

Just 10 miles from the border with Mexico, residents of Cerros Sands can enjoy the best of both worlds, including swimming, snorkeling and diving on the Belize Barrier Reef and world-class health care and affordable retail shopping at places like Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club across the border in Mexico.

Cerros Sands has completed homes and lots with deep water channel access, beach views, and beachfront positioning starting as low as $25,000. To learn more about retiring in Belize or investing in property, contact Cerros Sands today.



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