May 2019

Risks of Buying Property in Belize

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Risks of Buying Property in Belize When it comes time to think about buying property in an overseas location like Belize, it's normal to be cautious. There's always someone who wants to separate a fool from his money, and it's never easy to negotiate different rules and laws in a foreign country. The good news [...]

Why Canadians Should Move to Belize Right Now

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Whether you're reaching retirement age or are just looking for a great place to begin a new life, Belize is increasingly becoming a popular destination for Canadian expats. As a former British colony, English is the official language, so you'll never have to worry about communicating with the locals or reading the street signs. And [...]

The Safest Place to Live in Belize

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Where is the safest place to live in Belize? The answer is Corozal District Many people who are considering moving to or investing in Belize get misled by somewhat confusing crime statistics. In reality, Belize is an incredibly safe country, especially for visitors, as the vast majority of untoward incidents occur between locals in a [...]

Getting From Mexico City to Chetumal and Belize City

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Tourism keeps booming as Belize has been experiencing double-digit growth in overnight visitors, and it's now easier than ever to get to Belize, particularly the country's northernmost Corozal District. Belize is sure to get another huge boost in international attention when the Discovery Channel broadcasts live direct from Belize's Great Blue Hole on December 2, [...]

Belize currency is as unique as any other Country

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Belize currency is as unique as any other country. However when it comes to foreigners and visitors from abroad handling US dollars, there is no need to worry since it is very much welcomed in the entire country of Belize.  For years the dollar rate has been $1us dollar equals $2bze (Belize dollars) so changing [...]

What Does It Cost to Retire in Belize?

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With airfare to Belize getting cheaper all the time thanks to increased competition from major airlines like Southwest, Delta, Air Canada, United, American Airlines, and WestJet, it's no surprise that more and more people are considering moving to and investing in Belize. But how far will your dollars go if you do choose to retire [...]

7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy Belize Real Estate

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You Shouldn’t Buy Belize Real Estate (Yes, We're Serious!) Although Belize is experiencing a huge property boom as retirees and investors flock to grab premium properties before they get priced out of the market, you may want to be cautious before buying real estate in Belize. Here are seven very good reasons to not buy property [...]

Belize is a True Tax Haven

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Although the term "tax haven" has taken on a lot of negative connotations of late, more and more people are trusting Belize to protect them from intrusive governments and to protect their assets. A former British colony, Belize has a robust, democratic government with a strong commitment to privacy and the idea that people should [...]