May 2019

Belize Property Rights

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The way that property rights are handled in Belize is a bit different than what you'll find in either other parts of Central America or in the United States and Canada. One key difference is that Belize places absolutely no restrictions on foreigners buying, selling, or renting property. You do not have to have legal [...]

Working in Belize: What Expats Need to Know

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Whether you're interested in becoming employed in Belize or setting up your own business, it's not easy to find information online. But the good news is that Belize welcomes foreigners, including those who want to work or set up a business. In this article, we'll tell you everything you need to know about working in [...]

Can Americans Buy Property in Belize?

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The short answer is: yes! Belize has a very welcoming attitude towards foreign investment, and American property owners have all of the same rights as locals do, including the right to sell, buy, or rent property anywhere in the country. Belize is rapidly becoming one of the hottest foreign markets for retirees, dream homes, and [...]

Where in the World Is Belize?

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Many people have heard of Belize but aren't quite sure where it is. Belize is located in Central America. To the north of Belize lies the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. To the west and south of Belize lies the nation of Guatemala. Belize has a long coastline on the Caribbean Sea. It takes about two [...]

Where is Corozal Belize?

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Corozal is the name of both a district (equivalent to a "county") of Belize as well as the district capital, often distinguished by being called Corozal Town. Corozal District is the northernmost district of Belize and borders the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. The district capital, Corozal Town, lies about nine miles south of the [...]

The Mariner: A Spectacular Corozal Home Priced to Sell Fast!

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It’s no secret that droves of retirees are finding in Belize the perfect place to save a bundle, live like royalty and enjoy a retirement home northerners could never find in the states for less than a million bucks. How does $199,000 sound for a luxury house on a Corozal channel that’s waiting for its [...]

7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Retire in Belize

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A humorous article recently published in U.S. News & World Report by Kathleen Peddicord entitled "7 Reasons Not to Retire in Belize" provided a reverse psychology twist to pretend to describe why some retirees are not moving to the nation of Belize in Central America. Following the recent entry of one of Canada's leading airlines [...]

April 2019

Buy This Luxury Belize Condo Duo Before Someone Else Sees It!

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Whether your idea of living in paradise is a condo that gets you closer to the stars or you want one that’s so close to the beach, you can race to the water’s edge in seconds, there’s a luxury home waiting for you in Belize at Cerros Sands in one of the nation’s most desirable districts: Corozal. Given [...]