April 2019

7 Tips for Investing in Belize Real Estate

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What motivates people to invest in real estate? “Forbes” magazine contributor John Larson says the answer is the desire for a physical asset with the potential to retain value and appreciate over time. Invest in real estate and you can look forward to receiving these 7 benefits according to Larson: 1. You could make money [...]

Belize Retirement: Can Moving There Help You Live Longer?

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You don’t have to have a PhD in graceful aging to realize that the sunshine and relaxed lifestyle available to expats living in current “hot spots” like Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia and Hawaii can help retirees live longer, more fulfilling lives. But have you checked out the cost of living in those five states? Sure, [...]

The Cost of Living in Belize

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Many people are initially attracted to Belize because of the pristine nature, balmy temperatures, and delicious food but soon learn to appreciate the finer things thanks to a very affordable cost of living. The local currency, called the Belize Dollar (BZD), is permanently pegged to the US Dollar at 2:1, making it easy and simple [...]

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Belize Real Estate in 2019

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Buy Belize Real Estate in 2019  One of the best places in the world to buy real estate right now is in Belize. Over the past decade, the real estate market in this beautiful Caribbean country has been heating up, and 2019 is definitely the right year to claim your stake. By buying property in [...]

Why Expats Fall In Love With Belize

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Over the last few years, huge numbers of American and Canadian expats have begun to make the move to Belize. Of course, they aren't choosing this beautiful Central American nation at random. There are a number of excellent reasons why expats have become so enamored with Belize, such as: Language When choosing a new country to live in, expats must pay close attention [...]

March 2019

Where Should You Retire? Mexico vs. Belize

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If you are approaching retirement and have been trying to decide where you would like to live during your golden years, you should strongly consider Central America as an option. Mexico and Belize, in particular, are popular retirement destinations for people from America and Canada. But which one of these two countries is right for [...]

Where Should You Retire? Panama vs. Belize

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If you are planning on retiring soon, you may already have begun doing some research into where you would like to spend your golden years. For many Americans and Canadians, Central America is a superb option. Panama and Belize, in particular, are popular with retirees from all walks of life. But which of these two [...]

Where Should You Retire? Costa Rica vs. Belize

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The Central American region has long been a popular destination for individuals from the United States, Canada, and elsewhere to retire to. Many of these retirees end up settling in either Costa Rica or Belize. If you are considering joining them, you may be wondering which of these two countries is right for you - so let's read on to find out how they compare. One of [...]

Northern Belize: Best Place to Retire for Seniors in 2019

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If you wish to spend your golden years in an area with warm weather and a welcoming atmosphere, there is nowhere better than Northern Belize. This beautiful part of the world is, quite simply, the perfect place to retire to. Corozal, in particular, is always popular with retirees and expats alike. The region is populated [...]