Northern Belize: Best Place to Retire for Seniors in 2019

If you wish to spend your golden years in an area with warm weather and a welcoming atmosphere, there is nowhere better than Northern Belize. This beautiful part of the world is, quite simply, the perfect place to retire to.

Corozal, in particular, is always popular with retirees and expats alike. The region is populated by a diverse selection of people from a host of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds – giving the locals a distinctly positive outlook on life and the world around them.

The town of Corozal has a population of about 10,000 and is located just seven miles from the Mexican border. This proximity to Mexico makes it easy to pop across the border to go shopping or see the sights.

While plenty of retirees in Corozal choose to simply kick back, relax, and enjoy the sunshine, many others enjoy active and adventurous lifestyles. Depending on your personal tastes or preferences, Corozal and the surrounding area is perfect for sailing, fishing, hiking, canoeing, nature-watching, or swimming. Put simply, you won’t ever be short of things to do when you live in Corozal.

Indeed, if you want to take in some of the culture and history of the region while you live in Corozal, all you need to do is take a quick trip to the Corozal House of Culture. Having been originally built as a marketplace in 1886, the building is now home to a large collection of art and artifacts from the area.

Though the Corozal District is undoubtedly the main draw in Northern Belize, Orange Walk is also a popular place for shopping. The area, as well as Corozal, is home to countless cafes, restaurants, and small vendors – allowing you to get a close-up look at the regular lives of everyday Belizeans.

When you are finished exploring the Orange Walk, you can head out to Honey Camp Lagoon with the rest of the locals. From there you can wander back to Cerros Sands where you can enjoy the beaches, pristine water, and more coconut trees than you can shake a stick at.

If Northern Belize is sounding like an attractive retirement destination to you, then you should certainly consider purchasing property at Cerros Sands. This gated community is perfectly situated on Corozal Bay and is home to retirees from across North America, Canada and a few from Europe. Whether you want to purchase an existing home or a lot to build on, Cerros Sands has a lot to offer. To learn more about the community visit

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