Orange Walk Town … Sugah City in The North!

Orange Walk Town, Sugah City is the fourth largest town in the nation of Belize and it is the capital of the Orange Walk District.  It is referred to throughout the country as “Sugah City”, “Sugah” in Kriol language means “Sugar” in English.  The reason for this is because at Orange Walk Town we have our own sugar factory, Belize Sugar Industry (BSI).  The smell of sugar cane in the air is the sweetest thing ever and also if interested a tour of the factory can be done.  As mentioned before, Kriol is one of the languages spoken in the country of Belize and at Orange Walk it’s no different, along with English and Spanish languages.  The ethnicity varies from Mestizos, Mennonites, Chinese, Yucatec Mayas, Kriols and more.  This District is also heavily influenced with the Catholic Religion.

Orange Walk has a lot of Mayan Ancestry background and the place to learn more and experience it, is at Lamanai.  Lamanai is the most visited Mayan temples in the northern part of the country of Belize and the word Lamanai is Mayan for “submerged crocodile”.  There is so much more to what makes Orange Walk Town a great town.  Visiting Banquitas House of Culture is also another way of really getting to know history of the Mayans, Kriols and other ethnic groups in the country.  There are very important people that sadly passed away but at the house of culture their history remains and all the greatness they did for the country.  Learn about the Mennonite culture and wait to get your mind blown as you see for yourself how strict they are with their beliefs and practices.

Orange Walk Town Hall

Orange Walk Town Hall

“Sugah City” Orange Walk town is indeed a very interesting place to visit and living at Cerros Sands Waterfront Community is an easy way to get there.  There are two ways of getting there to Orange Walk. If you have things to do in Corozal you can go there first, and then its 26 miles to Orange Walk or right from Cerros Sands through Progresso and San Estevan to Orange Walk in like 40 minutes. Cerros Sands in the country of Belize Central America is simply the best and there is so much to explore that way open your mind to an entire new world of culture, food, beliefs and history of this beautiful country!

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