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Cerros Sands, a true “community in the country,” has a wide range of property for sale. Completed properties now available for purchase at very competitive prices include condominiums, a beach bar and resort, and homes. These properties are move-in ready and come with a full suite of self-sustaining utilities, including sewage, electricity, and water supply.

Cerros Sands also has undeveloped lots available beginning at just $17,700. These include beachfront parcels, beachview parcels, and seaview parcels. In addition, Cerros Sands also has parcels with deepwater channel access to Chetumal Bay, perfect for homeowners who enjoy sailing and boating.

Cerros Sands also has land available at the community’s marina, including residential, commercial, and mixed-use properties. The marina is situated in a prime location for businesses such as repair facilities, boat sales, bait and tackle, water taxis, charter fishing operators, and water taxi services.

Compared to other countries in the region, Belize has a lot of opportunities. Having only gained independence from Britain in 1981, Belize is still a developing nation but one with a lot of promise. The democratic government of Belize is very committed to foreign investment, and there are zero restrictions on non-citizens buying, renting, and selling real estate.

In addition, Belize enjoys a very favorable quality of life. Belize is very close to North America and the country has a peaceful, stable government with a currency that is permanently pegged to the U.S. dollar. With great weather, a very low population density, and an abundance of pristine nature, Belize is rapidly becoming a popular destination for expats and retirees.

The long-term future of Belize is equally promising following recent legislation to protect the offshore reef from drilling and the establishment of conservation areas on the mainland, a vital step towards preserving the eco-diversity that makes Belize such an attractive country to visit or to live in.

Other, comparable Caribbean locations have already maximized their real estate and property investment potential. Belize, on the other hand, is undergoing rapid growth in its tourism industry with double-digit increases year-over-year, putting real estate owners in prime position to take advantage of a burgeoning vacation rental market. Real estate owners also benefit from extremely low property taxes and the complete absence of capital gains taxes.

If you’ve ever considered buying real estate in Belize, the time is now. A combination of huge numbers of Baby Boomer-generation retirees seeking affordable residences overseas and the growing popularity of Belize as a tourism destination are putting strong upward pricing pressure on the real estate market.

To learn more about life in Belize and buying property in the country, contact Cerros Sands today.

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