Real Estate in Belize – A Beautiful Market on the Rise

Belize is on track for yet another year of record-breaking increases in tourism numbers. According to the Belize Tourism Board (BTB), the first half of 2017 has seen a 7.8% increase in overnight stays compared to the same period the year before. In addition, cruise ship visitors have increased by 3.1% compared to the year before, with 13 different vessels visiting Belize City and the island of Harvest Caye.

One of the factors leading this surge in tourism numbers is increased competition in the air travel market. All four of the biggest airlines in the United States, Southwest, American, United, and Delta, now operate non-stop flights to Belize from major cities across the country. Southwest has added three new routes over the past three years, leading to dramatic reductions in airfare. And starting in December of this year, Air Canada, Canada’s largest airline, will join WestJet in providing non-stop flights to Belize.

Manuel Heredia Junior, Belize’s Minister of Civil Aviation, has recently announced that his country is in talks with other airlines to increase access to the red-hot Belize travel market. According to Minister Heredia, Belize has entered into agreements with Volaris and Aero Mexico, the two biggest airlines in Mexico.

There are also plans to expand the Philip Goldson International Airport in Belize City, the country’s only international airport, as well as tentative designs to expand the airports in San Pedro and Placencia so that they too can receive international flights.

With travel to Belize now easier and more affordable than ever, the demand for property is also increasing. Belize is the only English-speaking country in the region, making it effortless for foreign investors to understand documents, contracts, and property titles. Belize warmly welcomes foreign investors, and there are no restrictions on buying, selling, or renting property.

Belize gained independence from Great Britain in 1981, and the country has placed a strong emphasis on infrastructure and development. Four paved highways now connect all the major cities on the mainland, and two domestic air carriers make it easy to get between mainland destinations or the offshore islands.

Belize’s beautiful and natural attractions make it a great country to live. Where else will you find beautiful turquoise waters, pristine rainforests, exotic birds, unique flora and fauna – plus the life affordable – only in Belize.

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