Is Real Estate Investing in Belize Safe?

Real Estate Investment Is Safe in Belize

More and more, investors from America, Canada, and Europe are flocking to Belize. As a peaceful, democratic, and English-speaking country that’s a member of the British Commonwealth, documents are easy to read and the buying and selling process is simple and familiar. Belize imposes zero restrictions on foreigners owning or selling real estate, and property is held by fee-simple title, and there’s no threat from squatters or eminent domain.

But it’s not just the legal system that makes investing in Belize real estate a popular option. The country is experiencing double-digit increases in tourism numbers every year, and the vacation rental market is red hot. Belize is a natural paradise where more than half its territory is a national park or protected conservation area, and its stunningly gorgeous reef is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Buying real estate in other Central American countries poses far more of a risk than investing in Belize. As opposed to countries where foreigners are restricted to “leasehold” titles, in Belize, you’ll own your property outright. You can sell, rent, and manage your property exactly how you wish. And real estate taxes are incredibly low, just 1 to 1.5 percent of the undeveloped value of the land, so most property owners pay $300 or less per year.

Belize is also a tax safe haven, sometimes known as an offshore tax haven. Belize allows foreigners to set up an International Business Corporation (IBC) that can own and manage property, thus protecting your valuable assets. Even better, Belize does not have a capital gains tax and the closing costs are only around 8 percent.

The nation of Belize is a developing nation, but you’ll never have to worry about currency fluctuations because the Belize dollar is permanently pegged to the American dollar at two to one. In most cases, you can buy property directly with American dollars as they are accepted everywhere in the country.

One of the best places to invest in real estate is Cerros Sands. Located in Belize’s northern Corozal District just across the water from Ambergris Caye, the popular tourist island, Cerros Sands is a true “community in the country.” A master-planned, gated neighborhood with a full range of modern amenities, Cerros Sands has stately homes, lovely condominiums, and waterfront lots available that are perfect for building the home of your dreams or establishing a thriving business.

For more information about buying real estate in Belize, contact Cerros Sands today.

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