Planning your retirement to the Caribbean? Check out Belize, it’s a paradise for retirees!

Retire in the Caribbean

Whether you’re already retired or will be retiring in the next few years, one of the best places you can choose is the lovely nation of Belize.

Belize is smaller than the state of Vermont, but it feels much bigger because of all of the amazing nature. Pristine rainforests, majestic waterfalls, and stunning Caribbean islands offer retirees lots to explore. And the weather is simply fabulous. In Belize, it never snows, and winter truly does not exist.

Many people choose to retire in Belize because it’s the only country in Central America where the official language is English. Other retirees choose Belize because of all of the great food. Whether it’s fresh-caught seafood or a medley of tropical fruits, the food in Belize is both affordable and incredibly delicious.

Belize is also a great choice for retirees because it’s so close to the United States and Canada. In five hours or less, you can fly to Belize from just about anywhere in America or Canada, making it really easy to stay in touch with friends, family, and business concerns back home.

The government of Belize is also very welcoming to foreign retirees. The country’s QRP program allows retirees to easily gain residency while also enjoying some amazing tax breaks. The QRP program also lets you import all of your personal goods (including vehicles!) without having to pay any custom duties.

The cost of living in Belize, incredibly, is still far lower than you’ll find in other comparable places. According to the AARP, a retiree with a monthly income of $1,500 can live very comfortably in Belize. And household help is easy to find for around $20 or less per day.

But the main reason why people move to Belize is simply because life is so much better in this country. Friendly people, balmy temperatures, delicious food, and lots of exciting outdoor activities to enjoy make life more enjoyable.

One of the best places to retire in Belize is Cerros Sands. Located on the sunny shores of Chetumal Bay in Belize’s northern Corozal District, Cerros Sands is a true “community in the country” that is completely self-reliant and “off the grid.” Offering modern comfort in a beautiful Caribbean setting, Cerros Sands has homes, condominiums, and undeveloped waterfront lots available starting at just $17,700.

Cerros Sands also offers financing at attractive rates. If you’ve ever dreamed about living in a tropical paradise, contact Cerros Sands today.

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