Retiring in Belize? Your Top 5 Real Estate Questions Answered

As more and more people are considering retiring to Belize or investing in property in this beautiful Central American country, it’s only natural that questions are. Belize was once a sleepy backwater difficult to get to without multiple flights and lengthy layovers, but Belize is rapidly becoming a popular tourist destination thanks to its beautiful weather, low-cost flights from major airlines, and attractively priced real estate.

Below are the answers to five of the most commonly asked questions about Belize real estate:

What Can I Expect to Pay for a House in Belize? A Condo? Land?

Surprisingly, real estate in Belize remains quite affordable. Of course, with double-digit increases in tourist visits to Belize every year, that situation is likely to change. For now, though, it is still possible to buy a beautiful, modern home in Belize located in a prime location.

At Cerros Sands, a two-bedroom, two-bath home with its own boat dock and deep water channel access costs approximately $219,000. Built according to the latest standards, it includes a solar system, modern sanitation, and has a functional rooftop perfect for relaxing or entertaining.

As for condominiums, available properties start at $279,000 and include more than 3,000 square feet of living space. Designed to be fully self-reliant and “off the grid”, these condominiums each have two stories, a usable rooftop, and a beautiful spacious balcony (600 square feet in size).

Undeveloped land at Cerros Sands starts at $27,700 and beachfront parcels begin at $79,000.

What’s the Cheapest Option for Retiring in Belize at the Beach?

Cerros Sands is a master-planned, gated community located right on the shores of Chetumal Bay in northern Belize. All properties on Cerros Sands are located either right on the beach or a short distance away, including properties with deep water channel access suitable for boat owners.

What Size Home Can I Afford to Buy in Belize?

The short answer is that it depends on whether you’re buying a completed home or want to work with a local builder in order to construct a home made to order. Completed homes at Cerros Sands start at $219,000 but undeveloped parcels begin at just $27,700.

Cerros Sands also offers financing for buyers at very attractive rates.

How Much Does Land Cost in Belize?

You can certainly find very inexpensive land deep in the jungles of Belize, but to live in a community like Cerros Sands with modern infrastructure, parcels begin at $27,700.

Where Do I Start My Search for Belize Real Estate?

Cerros Sands is a planned community developed by an American man who lives on site with his family. Cerros Sands operates buyer’s tours that offer up to $2,000 in travel reimbursements for individuals who buy property.

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