Road Trip Cave Tubing

Let’s go for a road trip!

Cave Tubing.. Ever imagined what it would be like to float down a river into gigantic caves?  How about putting your physical education to the next level?  It’s more about the adventure than anything else.  Belize has fantastic caves and rivers to visit, Mayan temples and much more.  This is where your love for nature will really show.  Of course, take along with you some insect repellent and sunscreen.  Let’s start off by visiting the most famous cave in the country of Belize at Cave’s Branch. It is located off the George Price Highway (formerly the Western Highway) at Mile 37 between Belmopan and Belize City.  This water expedition takes you seven miles into the underworld caves while you float on the river in inner tubes and just headlamps.  Don’t be afraid since there is always a professional guide that will take you far away into the depths of the wilderness.  You wouldn’t believe your eyes as you see underground waterfalls, and how the caves come to life with shiny rocks and more!

All of this can be your own story but it all begins with you, another reason why Cerros Sands Waterfront community is the choice for you.  Come and let us take you along these unimaginable journeys from the very start, by building you the home of your dreams, taking you to where our wildlife can be really appreciated and much more.

Cave Tubing

Road Trip Cave Tubing and Zip Line

Many tend to underestimate the beauty of these caves, but the history behind all of it will blow your mind away.  The professional guide will be answering all and any questions and also sharing some history of the giant caves, interesting facts.  Adventure is waiting for you as you go.  At every step of the way you will be able to notice ancient Mayan pottery, artifacts, and even where the Mayas back in the day would do their spiritual ceremonies!  This is not all Caves Branch offers, also horseback riding, zip lining into the midst of the jungle, bird watching, late night cave expeditions, black hole drop and tons more.  There is so much to experience and enjoy that words won’t be able to give that satisfaction.  That’s why you, your family and friends should come to the country of Belize, At Cerros Sands Waterfront Community because it’s simply the best!

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