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Cerros Sands advertises itself as “Simply The Best”. That’s quite a claim to make but it is used because Cerros Sands offers it all for those looking to relocate to the tranquil and beautiful country of Belize. When considering retirement, hard working people want and deserve only the best to fulfill their dreams. So what does it mean to be the best?

The country of Belize, it could argued, is one of the best places to retire. The climate is wonderful – English is spoken – Proximity to Mexico and all it has to offer  – All good reasons Belize can easily be considered as one of the best places to relocate as is Cerros Sands.

Cerros Sands is “Simply The Best” for a host of reasons. There is an extensive channel system weaving its’ way throughout the development. A Channel lot features the ability for home owners to have their boat moored right at their home with easy access to the Sea. This innovative design gives protection for the homeowner’s marine investment. It’s the best.

Land parcels are reasonably priced and affordable. In terms of value, Cerros Sands is one of the best in the entire country.

Francesca’s Beach Bar is located on site at Cerros Sands. It offers a full restaurant / bar, beach side activities, Kayak rentals and more. In Northern Belize, it is one of a kind and easily distinguished as one of the best you’ll find anywhere in Belize.

Cerros Sands has, and is developing, numerous special features which set it apart from others. Tennis courts, Equestrian Center and Driving Range to name a few.

When you put all this together it is easy to see why Cerros Sands is “Simply The Best”.

Cerros Sands is a Master-Planned Gated Community located in the scenic Corozal District of Northern Belize. For more information just click here





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