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We make this experience as easy as possible.
Once you have decided on the property, a contract is prepared. Our contract is One-Page.
It is emailed to you for signature(s). It’s important it note that your name should be just as it is on your passport.
Scan and email the contract with your Name, Address and Signatures as well as the picture page of your passport as the Government requires this as further proof of identification.
Once your contract is received will have it signed and a scanned copy is sent back to you, once you receive this fully-executed contract we are in Contract and we welcome you to Cerros Sands.

Transfer Papers, 3 copies of one Document are prepared. If a mortgage is part of your arrangement, then 3 copies of this document are mailed as well. These are send you by 3 day mail.
These documents are required to be signed in front of a Notary and Their Signatures also affixed to the documents.
You make a copy for you records and send all three originals of each document (in the instance of a mortgage) back my 3 day mail to our office in Corozal. These are time sensitive as they must be filed within 30 days of Signature.
Two directors of Cerros Sands will take these to a Justice of the Peace (Belize’s equivalent of a Notary) sign and have their signatures certified.
A scanned copy of the document(s) are then emailed to you with Bank Wire Instructions.


Once you have the email of the Fully-Executed Transfer document, your wire transfer is completed.
Once funds are received, they are confirmed with you by email.
Documents are then send by Courier to Lands Registry in the Capital, Belmopan.
We obtain a receipt and email a copy you .
In 90 – 120 days, when your Title is ready. We pick it up and send it you 3 day mail, unless we are directed by you to hold it in our office.


CLOSING COSTS DUE FROM BUYER IN US DOLLARS: Pro rations effective as of 30 days from Contract Date.

Document Preparation, Processing, Recording Fee and Mailing Costs: $700.00
Cerros Sands Property Management Ltd. (CSPM) $500.00 US per year: $1.37 per day
Belize Property Taxes* less than $5.00 per month
Belize Government Transfer Stamp Duty: 5%
Belize Government Mortgage Stamp Duty: $15.00 per $1000.00
*Any balance will be charged or credited to your CSPM Account, due annually April 1st.


Contact us now

Office Phone –  011-501-402-0297 (Belize)

Cell Phone – 011-501-670-8724 (Belize)

US Based Phone – 813-474-2608(US) or 208-957-4356(US)