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Our Location

Let’s start with proximity. To what, you say? To everything an ex-pat wants, needs and craves. A short drive gets you to Chetumal, Mexico, a thriving town filled with everything from medical facilities to Home Depot (you’re moving into a new home, right?). Lay claim to neighboring Mayan ruins, some of Belize’s most talked about nature reserves (aquatic and land-based sanctuaries), the Corozal Free Zone and Orange Walk Town. The community of Cerros Sands is being called the most prestigious master-planned community on the Caribbean Ocean shoreline.

Sound too good to be true? Not according to Leonard who is building upon his decades of success as a leader in California’s real estate market. After falling in love with Belize and moving here 14 years ago, he decided to invest his heart and his money in his new homeland by creating a community for ex-pats that who are sick of being let down by developers who promise everything but don’t deliver.

Mark knows a thing or two about North American tastes and expectations and he’s got a wall full of honors and certifications that attest to both his commitment to professionalism and marketing acumen. “Americans,” Mark likes to say, “expect more than most when they think about retirement. My mission is to create a haven for them here in Belize that has so much to offer, they’re going to spend a lot of time convincing their family members and friends to join them in idyllic Belize.”

Nearby Attractions


Chetumal, Mexico

Chetumal City, Quintana Roo Mexico On The Belize Border Why do we discuss it? First and Foremost, Medical Care. Yes, Corozal and Orange Walk can handle most issues, however when it comes to anything [...]


Corozal Free Zone

Corozal Free Zone HISTORY The closure of the Libertad Sugar Factory in 1985 created extreme hardship for the Northern region of Belize, particularly the Corozal District.  The direct impact of this factory closure was [...]


Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve

Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve Bacalar Chico is easily reached from Cerros Sands by boat. Compared with other reserves in Belize, this terrestrial and marine reserve of Bacalar Chico has only just begun a legacy [...]


Shipstern Nature Reserve

Shipstern Nature Reserve One of Belize’s richest and ecologically diverse tropical rain forests, the Shipstern Wildlife Reserve is located three miles south of the small fishing village of Sarteneja on the same peninsula that [...]


Orange Walk Town

Orange Walk Town Orange Walk Town lies just 26 miles south-southwest by road from Corozal Town and 26 miles southwest from the Cerros Peninsula as well. From Orange Walk you will pass through the [...]


Corozal Town

Corozal Town Located 6 miles by sea or 13 miles by land from Cerros Sands Corozal Town is located on The Chetumal Bay of the Caribbean Sea, 50km (31 miles) N of Orange Walk [...]


Cerros, Belize

Cerros, Belize Restaurants & Lodging near Cerros Sands Francesca’s: Beach Restaurant & Bar at Cerros Sands The Tradewinds: Restaurant & Bar at Orchid Bay Cerros Beach Resort: Cabanas and Restaurant located on the other [...]


Our Two Rivers

The New River: A trip to an ancient world Belize has many rivers and each is important to the growth and development of its region. In the northern region of Belize, snaking through the [...]

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