The Mariner: A Spectacular Corozal Home Priced to Sell Fast!

It’s no secret that droves of retirees are finding in Belize the perfect place to save a bundle, live like royalty and enjoy a retirement home northerners could never find in the states for less than a million bucks. How does $199,000 sound for a luxury house on a Corozal channel that’s waiting for its new owner to install a dock and park a boat? Don’t laugh. Plenty of folks retiring to Belize build piers before their furniture arrives!

How can expats feel confident that their purchase is a good value and that they will find in Belize all they desire in an idyllic lifestyle? Consider the following facts. Each is likely to send you to the developer’s website to check out the property at 778 Cerros Lane before someone else snaps it up:

-The 2 bedroom/2 bath home is custom-built to exacting standards.
-Give your furniture to the kids and charities. This home is beautifully furnished.
-The side patio can be enjoyed as is, or enclose it if you prefer.
-The boat slip has been excavated so it’s ready for that pier.
-You can entertain or relax on the home’s rooftop!
-Both state-of-the-art engineered sanitation system and solar systems are installed.
-The home comes with a 26,000 gallon water storage unit.

Do you need more reasons to say yes to this home?
Retirement benefits you receive from the Belize government are nothing short of extraordinary.
-Whether you’re ready to retire or it’s in your future, rent your home part of the year and help pay it off.
-Grab this property before it follows in the footsteps of other homes already building equity.
-Got health issues? Belize has become the health and wellness capital of the Caribbean.
-Diving, snorkeling, rainforests, jungles and Mayan ruins are just the tip of the nation’s recreational menu.
-Everyone speaks English, you’ll make a million friends and Belize’s cost of living is awesome.
-Get financing terms for up to 15 years that make this an affordable investment.
-Pay cash and get the discount already tempting shoppers who are considering this home.

If you can think of a single reason why you shouldn’t look into a property that would cost you a fortune in the states and guarantee you the lifestyle you dream about, we’d love to hear it!

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