Transportation in Belize, Central America

Transportation in Belize C.A

What is the easiest way around you may ask?  In a  town,  walking or bicycling is the easiest way around.  In outlying areas a vehicle or a motorcycle works very well. Small SUV’s or pickup trucks are excellent. On the cayes, it’s a golf cart or boat to get around places.  Some places like Cerros Sands, a golf cart, ATV or UTV can also be used Life in Belize can be considered to be a bit easier when it comes to transportation.  Many properties in Belize  are pretty close to everything, town, stores, the local market you name it, one of the reasons why Cerros Sands waterfront community is ideal for you.  As I have mentioned before, Belize is not as big as you may think.  Being stuck in traffic is the least of your problems. You can count the traffic lights in the entire country on one hand.  No freeways here!  Just as any other place, speed limits are put in order especially on streets that have schools.

Getting around here is easy.  Not an owner of a personal vehicle? No problem, transportation plays a huge role in Corozal Town and all over the country of Belize, especially for people that live in the villages.  What kind of transportation you may ask? bus terminals, small airports, car rentals and also boats, known here as water taxi, to go for a convenient traveling experience.  This allows you to build unique memories on the road while traveling Belize.  Below is a list of websites where you can take a look at the hours of departure and where you planning to visit.  Let me tell you that all forms of transportation leads you to very special and fascinating place, it’s Belize we talking about, paradise!

Transportation in Belize

Transportation in Belize

Take a trip to our beautiful San Pedro, also known as La Isla Bonita, and Caye Caulker, your options being via plane or boat. Want to go explore the wilderness? Belize zoo or Lamanai at Orange Walk District? Take the bus.  All transportation at very affordable prices and it will definitely be worth more!  Being a part of the Cerros Sands Waterfront Community is simply the best, since you can be an owner of a remarkable Belizean Property.  Traveling is super easy and very affordable. Not to mention an experience on its own.  Let’s travel together and let me show you where to have an exceptional time!

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