Visit Belize. You’ll Take Panama, Costa Rica and Mexico Off Your Retirement List

It’s hard to miss all of the promotional campaigns waged by the nations of Panama, Costa Rica and Mexico. Appealing to North American retirees has become a sport waged by “the big three,” but in fact, there are many more compelling reasons to retire in Belize.

In the interest of your sanity and pocketbook, we took a close look at the three aforementioned nations to make sure we had our facts and figures straight. Our conclusion? You deserve better than retiring in a country whose government hasn’t your best interests or budget in mind.

Costa Rica, Panama and Mexico all share commonalities that tourism bureaus keep quiet. All three are touristy. Over-priced. Some are so overrun by ex-pats; idyllic retirement spots are hard to find. Retirees saying “no” to those three nations cite myriad reasons they wound up in Belize. Here are just 10 of them:

1. English is the official language, so you don’t have to master Spanish to fit in.
2. Flights to and from Belize are frequent, fast and affordable. Return home for visits in a few hours.
3. Belize protects 50-percent of its landmass and prioritizes conservation. The other three? Not so much.
4. The government’s Qualified Retirement Program has no equal among Central American nations.
5. You’ll make friends fast. Belize retirement communities are all about welcoming newcomers.
6. Buy property confidently. The Constitution guarantees the same property rights as those given to citizens.
7. The Belize economy is stable, and you’ll find the lowest inflation rates on the planet.
8. You could live tax free if you sort out your finances in ways that free you from this obligation.
9. Natural wonders can’t be surpassed. Indulge your passion for sun, sea and surf as often as you like.
10. Your retirement fund stretches further. Estate and capital gains taxes don’t exist.

When asked to describe a typical retirement community in Belize, Cerros Sands is frequently cited as an exceptional example of how to live the good life in Belize without having to sacrifice the lifestyle retirees work so hard to achieve.

This vibrant community was created by a North American with extensive retirement property development experience. Cerros Sands is a master-planned waterfront community–located near Corozal, Chetumal Mexico, Orange Walk and Ambergris Caye. It feels remote, private and safe—-all reasons retirees mention when saying no to Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama.

From beachfront and beach view to channel-facing properties with deep-water access, the number of design and location choices retirees are offered at Cerros Beach can be overwhelming—-until they receive mind-boggling parcel and construction prices that usually seal the deal.

From the community’s popular gathering spot (Cerros Sands Beach Bar and Restaurant) to the attractions, sporting and cultural opportunities guaranteed to deliver a promise of “no boring days” in Belize, Cerros Sands is more than a place to retire. It’s the destination you dreamed about when Mexico, Panama and Costa Rica disappointed you. See more here and you’ll be glad you kept looking:

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