This Weekend – Franscesca’s Beach Bar / Restaurant

It’s Friday and the weekend is upon us. Saturdays are a great day for you, your friends and family to visit Francesca’s Beach Bar / Restaurant at Cerros Sands.

Saturday at noon is the beginning of a relaxing day at the beach. Kayaks are available and, of course, swimming is popular. Watch the children enjoy the water as you kick back on one of the many shaded tables by the beach. Sip on a cold one OR have a nap on one of our cushioned lounge chairs. Enjoy fresh Ceviche or Wings.

Don’t forget – it’s Sunday brunch time again this Sunday starting at 10 a.m. Great Steak! Great Steak! Need I say more? Why not come for a traditional American or Belizean Breakfast Or enjoy a steak sandwich or other succulent meal with a glass of red or white wine?

Note: Last weekend friends arrived for brunch via boat using the Cerros Sands extensive channel system.

Come and experience Franscesca’s Beach Bar / Restaurant at Cerros Sands.

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