What Americans And Canadians Find Attractive About Moving To Belize

With over a million visitors every year, it’s no surprise that many people are so drawn to the tiny nation of Belize that they ultimately make the move to live in Belize full-time. And once you visit this gem of a nation, it’s easy to see why.

To begin with, Belize is far off many people’s radar. It’s located just underneath Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, but for many decades was an isolated nation with no direct flights from the United States or Canada. Sure, Belize is the only country in Central America where English is the official language, but most Americans and Canadians were far more familiar with Mexico and the islands of the Caribbean.

But today, things are a lot different. After gaining independence from Great Britain in 1981, Belize became a regional leader in the responsible stewardship of the environment. Belize has banned all offshore drilling despite the potential income of millions of dollars, has successfully nursed its offshore reef (the largest in the Western Hemisphere) back to health after decades of overfishing, and has worked with international NGOs to protect threatened species like the jaguar, harpy eagle, and black howler monkey.

It’s also a lot easier to get to Belize now, too. American Airlines, Southwest, Delta, United, and Sun Country Airlines all offer non-stop flights to Belize from nearly a dozen major cities across the United States, including Chicago, Los Angeles, Denver, Atlanta, Minneapolis, and Miami. And both Air Canada and WestJet now fly non-stop to Belize from the Canadian cities of Calgary and Toronto.

And once you’re in Belize, you’ll be stepping into a semi-tropical paradise. Belize has no high-rise buildings, no strip malls, and no cities big enough to warrant a stoplight. Instead, it’s home to magnificent rainforests, thick jungles teeming with life, and some of the most beautiful beaches found anywhere on the planet. Add in the laid-back Caribbean lifestyle, friendly locals renowned for their genuine hospitality, a low cost of living, and incredibly tasty organic food, and it’s easy to see why so many Americans and Canadians have taken the plunge and moved to Belize.

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