Where Should You Retire? Panama vs. Belize

If you are planning on retiring soon, you may already have begun doing some research into where you would like to spend your golden years. For many Americans and Canadians, Central America is a superb option. Panama and Belize, in particular, are popular with retirees from all walks of life. But which of these two countries should you retire to?

When retiring to a new country, it can sometimes take a little while to adjust to the local culture and make new friends. This is particularly true when relocating to a nation that does not speak your native language. For English-speaking retirees, this factor makes moving to Spanish-speaking Panama a challenge. Luckily though, if English is your first language, you will have no trouble adjusting to life in Belize, where the locals speak both English and Spanish.

If you are hoping to enjoy some peace, quiet, and tranquility in your retirement, then you will no doubt want to avoid living anywhere that is too crowded. In other words, you don’t want to live in a country that is too population-dense. With this in mind, you will be interested to know that Belize’s population density of 37 people per square mile compares very favorably to Panama’s 54 people per square mile. In fact, Belize’s population density is the lowest in the region and among the lowest in the world.

Of course, no matter how much you enjoy living in your new country, you will occasionally want to return to North America to visit family, attend parties, or celebrate the holidays. Since it is relatively close to the United States and Canada, a nonstop flight from Belize City to Miami, FL can be completed in around two hours, while a flight to Toronto, ON will take a little over four hours. In comparison, a flight from Panama City to Miami, FL will take about three hours, and a flight to Toronto will take almost five and a half hours.

If Belize is beginning to sound like your ideal retirement destination, you will need to find a place to live in the area. Cerros Sands is the perfect option. This beautiful gated community is already home to a welcoming community of North American retirees, so you will have no trouble fitting in. Whether you want to purchase an existing house or a plot of land to build your dream home on, Cerros Sands is bound to have the perfect property for you.

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