Why Expats Fall In Love With Belize

Over the last few years, huge numbers of American and Canadian expats have begun to make the move to Belize. Of course, they aren’t choosing this beautiful Central American nation at random. There are a number of excellent reasons why expats have become so enamored with Belize, such as:


When choosing a new country to live in, expats must pay close attention to the language of the locals. After all, it will be very difficult to make new friends or conduct business if you don’t speak the native tongue. The fact that Belizeans speak English makes it easy for Americans and Canadians to adjust to life in the country.


Most expats tend to travel back to their home country at least once or twice a year. For North Americans living in Belize, taking a trip to visit family or celebrate a birthday is easy. Because Belize is so geographically close to North America, flight times are very short. For example, a trip from Belize City to Miami, FL or Houston, TX only takes about two hours.

Cultural Fusion

Belizean history is jam-packed with stories of different civilizations. From the Maya people to the Mennonites to the British – Belize has been home to a melting pot of unique and interesting cultures. Indeed, this rich cultural fusion is still on display today – and is one of the many reasons why the nation is so popular with expats.

Things To Do

Whether you like to go on exciting adventures or live a more relaxed lifestyle, Belize offers an abundance of things to do. For the adventurer, kayaking, cave tubing, snorkeling, scuba diving, hiking, and sailing are all superb options. For those who would prefer to kick back and relax,Belize offers plenty of stunning beaches and world-class spas.


One of the main things that lures expats to Belize is its affordability. When compared to the United States or Canada, the cost of living in this Central American paradise is incredibly low. Most people can live a comfortable life on around $1,000 per month.

Cerros Sands

For North Americans who are considering making a move to Belize, Cerros Sands is the perfect place to look for real estate. This peaceful gated community offers existing homes and empty lots – so you will have plenty of options to choose from. The community is already home to hundreds of other expats and is just waiting for you to come and make it your next home.

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