Why You Should Buy Real Estate in Corozal ASAP

Corozal District, which is located on Belize’s border with Mexico, has long been a popular destination for expats. Refreshing breezes result in an ideal climate, proximity to the reef and other major tourist destinations, and the ease of transit into Mexico in combination with a laid-back, small-town atmosphere have made Corozal a top destination for investors, retirees, and expat residents.

Dean Barrow, the long-time prime minister of Belize, just gave expats one more reason to invest in real estate in Corozal. During a press conference held this week in Belize City, PM Barrow announced new plans for Corozal District at large, including major infrastructure projects such as new River, paved roads through to Copper Bank which happens to be just a few miles from Cerros Sands, a bridge from the Cerros Peninsula to Chunox and paved road all the way to Sarteneja. The road from Sarteneja past Little Belize all the way to Orange Walk is to be paved as well. This is an awesome improvement to roads in the Corozal District. The infrastructure projects will be with assistance and financing from Taiwan (Republic of China).

Corozal District is conveniently located about a two-hour drive from Belize City and about five hours from Cancún by car, giving residents many options for low-cost flights to the United States and other destinations in the region. The new infrastructure projects will make getting to and from Corozal as well as reaching other parts of Belize a lot faster and easier. Corozal District is a peaceful, predominately rural area. Corozal Town, the capital of the district, has just 10,000 inhabitants, a lovely town square, several churches, and a well-stocked library.

The new plans for the district were warmly welcomed by the residents of Cerros Sands, a true “community in the country” located in Corozal District about nine miles from the Belize-Mexico border. As a safe, gated community, Cerros Sands offers all the comforts of modern life with easy access to duty-free shopping in the Corozal Free Zone and Mexico. Cerros Sands offers a lot of advantages over other popular expat locations such as Ambergris Caye which is difficult to get to (it’s an island), overcrowded, and very expensive. Retirees and expats looking for peace, comfort, and serenity should consider buying real estate in Cerros Sands.

For more information about buying real estate in Belize, contact Cerros Sands. Homes, condominiums, and undeveloped lots begin at just $17,700.

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